About Us

We wish to avail this opportunity to introduce our company as Sole Agent & Distributor of AQUA® ELECTRICAL in Pakistan. We are specialized in Electrical Switches & Sockets under the registered & famous brand name AQUA® all over Pakistan We also have some other registered brands in electrical accessories such as GALON , CENTURY, .

SHOAIB ENTERPRISES, established in 1999 called in Pakistan, having its registered office in Karachi. Applies itself to researching Hi-tech electric products and offers the good quality for the progress in human life. AQUA, as a professional brand, always puts the customers on the first place and takes the consumers’ satisfaction degree as the greatest communication standard.

AQUA continually innovates and deeply understands that the people who are quite aware of the meaning of life will prefer the good quality products instead of unreliable ones. That is regarded as a success in the market.

Below is the short list of products we deals in:

– Switches & Sockets (British Standard)
– Switches & Sockets (Italian Standard)
– Touch Switches
– Circuit Breakers
– Door Bells (Electrical and Remote)
– PVC Cable Truncking (Duct)
– Extension Leads

We have around 600 shopkeeper dealers & Distributors in all provinces of Pakistan. Apart from the local market, many of the well-known construction companies, builders and developers, electrical contractors and engineers are also our customers.

We never compromise on quality and we can create new products of elegant spice to meet customers’ new requirement and dedicate itself to the career. Our company wide credo of “Quality is our Priority” keeping in mind. This is the reason we have awarded “BRAND OF THE YEAR AWARD” for the year 2016-17 and the success goes on for the year 2017-18.


Things that Make AQUA Different from others

We never compromise on quality.

We can create new products of elegant spice to meet customers’ new requirement and dedicate itself to the career.

Our designs are ever copied by others just because our designs are endless innovative and have delightful attractions. So be careful always take original AQUA with the name Oriental Connotation and accident ideas give birth to AQUA to unvarying life philosophy. Our products give you decent looks and increase the endless beauty of your home. We use high quality materials in all products which increases the cost of quality. We are different from others because we made the things different from other. We conceives create and innovate latest product to keep always its customer update with the growing age of dot.com.

Thank you for reading our short company profile. Please have a look to our website and products.